We strive every day to create handcrafted leather belts and accessories that will preserve western heritage and hopefully be handed down to future generations.

Collaborative Leadership

Frank started working with leather in 1973 at the age of 14 in church camp with 5 leather tools and four small pieces of leather. He refined his craft with the help of his brother in law who taught leather work at the University of Oklahoma. In the mid to late 80’s with no internet, Franks work was sold over the world just by word of mouth. Now it is a new time and everyone should see these creations.


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  • I’ve been observing the leather work of Frank L. Sughrue of Lockhart, Texas. I’ve watched it develop and mature. What I’m seeing now is, instead of being an arts and crafts masterpiece, is a finished work of art.  

    Tom Burks Former Curator Texas Ranger Museum, Waco Texas.
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